Kirby Edwards

Aspiring Fashion Designer

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My Journey: My Journey began with a simple YouTube channel. I can’t remember the You Tuber but the video was called black natural hair inspirations which showcased black women with long natural hair down to their butts. I couldn’t believe it! There were black women with long thick natural hair NO WEAVE?! From there I fell into the Natural hair community on You Tube. Following gurus like Taren Guy, You Tube name Taren916, and the most inspiring the late Ms. Dominique Banks YouTube name Longhairdontcare2011. The natural hair community on YouTube became my life and it drove my boyfriend crazy. I slept ate and breathed this natural world which was so new for me even as a young 25 year old black women whom nobody ever taught that I should rock my natural curls. All I ever heard was straight hair is good hair. The natural community on YouTube changed all of that. The more I watched YouTube the more inspired and courageous I became.

One weekend I woke up and went to Target to grab some curly girl product. At that time, I was around 4 weeks in transitioning. Not much new growth right? On the way from target I stopped at the beauty supply store and grabbed a pair of hair shears, 2-3 hours later voila I was a natural girl. Yup you guessed it I BIG chopped! My Tinny Winnie Afro (TWA) and I were going to show the world that natural hair is beautiful one curl at a time. And I too would display my very own crown of glory.