Dawn Culbreath

IT Technician

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My Journey: I transitioned back to being natural in 2004. After a year of wearing my loose natural tresses, I decided to begin my loc journey in 2005 with two-strand twists. It has been almost ten years and loc’ing my hair is still one of my best hair decisions. My loc journey has been beautiful; it has taught me strength, wisdom, patience and self-love. I embraced and enjoyed every stage of my loc journey. I didn’t have a lot of support in the beginning but now my hair tends to be the main attraction, lol. I refer to my hair as locs not dreadlocks.

My regimen is pretty simplistic. My hair is maintained once a month by my loctician. After two weeks, I typically change up the style. Throughout the month I oil my scalp with an oil mixture and apply coconut oil to the locs itself. Locs are extremely versatile contrary to what some people believe. Some of my favorite styles include curls, braids/braid-outs and loc knots. The most extreme thing I have done with my hair to date is shaving the right side, which I absolutely LOVE! In a nutshell my hair is fly, dope, unique and all me! Each loc is distinctive in its own right (…and yes I have a favorite loc, lol). Natural hair is sexy…Dare to be different.