Danni Sellers

Makeup Artist

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I can't really recall why I started my natural hair journey. I suppose it was for the typical reasons, healthier hair and to rehab from the addiction of creamy crack. I've been natural for over 10 years now and wouldn't dream of reverting back. My natural hair offers me so much versatility. I think I consider it more of an accessory than actual hair.

I've gone through so many phases and styles with my hair. I've dyed it, had it boy short, grown it long, locked it, worn protective styles and still have endless possibilities. As of recent, I try not to fuss with my hair too much. I may do a two strand twist and Bantu knot set and unravel it after a day or two then just let it do it's own thing. I'm currently using Cantu's shampoo and conditioner and virgin olive oil for moisture. I love my hair in every stage from my TWA to a mid length to shoulder length. I encourage any naturalista  to do the same...love your gorgeous tresses!!