Brandi Lofton

Hair & Beauty Vlogger 

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I became natural in August 2013 after transitioning for a little over a year.  While transitioning, I learned how to better care for my hair by becoming more knowledgable about my texture and reading various hair blogs.  I decided to go natural because I grew tired of my straight hair and it would never seem to grow past a certain length.  I rarely experimented with my relaxed hair and always wore it in the same, boring styles constantly.  I was fed up and needed a change, so I decided one day to free myself of the lye.

About a year ago, I decided to start vlogging my hair experiences more regularly on YouTube to hopefully help other ladies who were thinking about going natural or currently on their own hair journeys.  Now that I am fully natural, my goal has now expanded and it is my desire to share hair tips, help women learn how to better care for their hair, and show them that natural hair can be versatile and FUN!  I love interacting with women from different backgrounds through my social media sites and discussing hair, which is a passion of mine.  For more information about my hair regimen, style ideas, and product reviews, check out my YouTube channel.