Avery Leake

Owner of Avery's Bar & Lounge | 370 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Avery Leake is a visionary, full of ambition and intelligence. He is a man that was destined for success at a young age.  Growing up in Washington DC, with goals as a child, Avery began working at 14.  He worked while attending Suitland High School with an interest in Electrical Engineering.  In 2002, Avery graduated from Suitland High School and immediately obtained a job working with the US Capitol Police.

At 20, he discovered his love for photography and his fascination for this art blossomed into a successful business. Avenue Images has had many clients including R&B recording artist, J Holiday, a host of parties, banquets, birthday parties and bridal showers.

Avery, along with a group of close friends has formed an organization called “The Fellaz: Circle of Success”.  “The Fellaz” is known for mentoring in the community and speaking to children at local schools. The organization also takes pride in providing the community with quality events to enjoy themselves. Social forums, book clubs are just a few of their events.

A few years later, Avery had another goal he wanted to accomplish – own and managed his very own bar.  He opened Avery’s Bar and Lounge in January 2013, located in one of DC’s most notable neighborhoods, the H Street corridor.  “Avery’s” has quickly become a growing staple in the community.  The establishment has patrons from all across the country and well known celebrities have visited to sign the “Avery’s Flag”.  Once inside “Avery’s”, Avery Leake’s passion is reflected throughout the lounge with profound quotes to various appreciative artwork.

All of these things have helped Avery Leake to become the business owner he is today.  As Avery himself would put it “When things get challenging and hard, all you have is your passion and will to keep going,” he says. “Have a passion for what you do and a goal in mind, and stay humble because any and everybody can help you.”

A few of his other interest are traveling with his family, investing, community service and reading.