Andrea Alexander

4th Year Medical Student | Dancer | Choreographer | YouTuber

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I've always been the "light skinned, long hair" prototype, "oreo", "twinkie", etc. To go natural and give up that coveted creamy crack was beyond my mind when I effortlessly swung the long straight that grazed the middle of my back.  But on November 1, 2011, I scanned my invisible edges, tired tresses, and forgone fringes, and threw that rubbish to Jesus.  Being in Washington, DC (AKA the hair capital of America) made my 2 year and 3 month transition a bit easier, seeing as how big fros were to my left and long locks conquered my vision on the right.  

The most memorable moment was the starting off Black History Month 2014 the only way I knew how: by cutting off all my relaxed ends, and simultaneously relieving myself of the notion that I had to damage my hair to look "presentable" or "beautiful." Those definitions deemed by my counterparts that once oppressed and encumbered my people would never, and will never, plague my mind again.  Now, a year later....still natural, still big, still bold, and still fly, might I add, is the synopsis.