LaVan E. Anderson

LaVan E. Anderson is a Washington, DC based self-taught Photographer, and Graphic Designer,  with a BFA in Media Arts and Computer Animation. If he had to categorize the type of photography that he does, or at least what he prefers to do, it would be "Music Photography". That includes touring (photo and video), concerts, behind the scenes coverage and personal photography for music artists, and doing album package photo shoots.

In 2007, LaVan launched a clothing brand "Everyday Pple", which is where the "Everyday" in "Everyday LaVan" derives from. Everyday Pple is occasionally an active brand, providing merchandise design services, and LaVan's personal branding.

It was in 2007 when he needed a photographer to capture images of some of his t-shirts, and had no luck booking one. He ventured out to a local electronics store and purchased his first DSLR camera. He had no idea how to work it, but forced himself to learn, in Manual Mode of course. Within a matter of months of owning the camera, he began covering local events, and concerts. 

LaVan photographs old pple, young pple, famous pple, and everyday pple.

For booking an inquiries, contact him today at